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Zyto Balance Scan

Measure shifts in the body’s stress system and determine balancers that will move the body back to homeostasis

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Zyto Balance Scan metabolic balance program

Imagine if there was a non-invasive way to peek inside your body and get a picture of what’s going on – to understanding of where your body is out of balance and where further investigation is needed to see how stresses are affecting you. Zyto is a biocommunication scan, using an FDA cleared medical device device of a hand cradle. 6 sensor points and advanced software are paired to decipher which nutritional supplements and wellness services your body requires for balance.

Biocommunication means the exchange of information between a computer and the human body via galvanic skin response which is an established technology that measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin. The scan takes approximately 5 minutes at which time you have access to 15 different reports ranging from information on your vertebrae to your teeth to your organs and emotions. It scans approximately 198 biomarkers depending on your gender and will tell you how many you have both in and out of balance with nutritional supplements of highest recognition to help restore homeostasis. Although results are not intended to diagnose, it’s recognized that the body is dynamic and ever changing in response to your environment and your lifestyle. The Zyto Balance Scan allows you to discover your body’s needs and rescan every 4-8 weeks.

A scan interpretation usually speaks to the clients current status of knowing which areas are already of our balance as no one knows their body better than you! Your detailed and comprehensive report outlines effective nutritional supplementation paired with whole foods, physical body areas of focus, emotions and lifestyle recommendations.

Our Happy Clients

Shana and co-coach Eyal make a great team by taking a whole person perspective. They have been very accessible in answering all my questions and setting realistic goals. Now just over two months later and I'm already happy with where I am and how I feel! I'm so happy with the program. Thank you coaches Shana and Eyal - looking forward to continuing on this New Me journey!

Michelle D.

I started on my journey to a healthier me on the 4 January 2021. Today, 16 weeks later, when I weighed in I am now down 30 lbs. With the help of The New Me I have changed my lifestyle to a healthy way of eating and a lot of my health issues have improved if not completely gone away. This is not only for weight loss, but this way of eating together with a more active lifestyle has helped me to improve my health.

Laura C.

I have been working with Shana for the past 4 years and can tell you that her dedication and priority is her clients. Its tough to start a new journey but with her on your side for a fresh start, you can't go wrong. She takes the time to ensure your ready for the ride cause once you commit you will definitely be impressed with the results.

Jimmy T.

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